Philanthropic Advisory

The mission of the Via Clarita Endowment Fund is to support the development and cultivation of philanthropy and to provide independent philanthropic advice. We fulfill it mainly by organizing educational events and networking meetings for philanthropists, and in individual consultations, some of which we provide free of charge.


How to give meaning to your wealth

The motivations that lead donors to philanthropy change over the course of their lives and on the basis of various experiences. The most successful and sustainable philanthropic projects tend to focus on topics closest to the donor’s beliefs and values.


What is the essence of philanthropic counseling

We will help you find your philanthropic path, define your strategy and set up the individual projects you want to carry out. Together we will give your dreams and visions a specific form.

We will support you in considering the impact and effectiveness of your plans. We will look for ways to involve your family in philanthropic activities. We provide expert advice in the legal, tax and financial level of philanthropy and solve the administration associated with specific activities. If you are considering transferring your property to the next generation, they will be happy to help you, for example, in processing a will.


The wish of the Via Clarita Endowment Fund is to bring to the Czech Republic a broader and strategic view of individual philanthropy and giving. Our approach is based on many years of experience from USA and UK.

Via Clarita was established in August 2016 and in its activities it builds on more than 20 years of experience of the Via Foundation in the field of philanthropy.


We assert the ideas of philanthropy and virtues, endeavoring to create the best possible conditions for the realization of a conscious, useful, fulfilled, and therefore happy life for as many people as possible.


We offer you inspiration, space for sharing with other philanthropists and independent and professional support during the preparation and implementation of your philanthropic plans. We work with top experts in the field of law, finance and taxes. Our work is based on an individual approach, mutual trust and discretion.



Dáša Goldmannová


Dáša manages the activities of the Via Clarita Endowment Fund. Within the scope of her work experience, she connects projects from the world of international companies and philanthropy. In her career, she has focused on HR, social responsibility, humanitarian and development projects in Africa and Asia, and for a long time she has been interested in volunteering and global education., +420 776 828 108

Michaela Kreuterová


Michaela works at the Via Clarita Endowment Fund as a consultant. For several years she led the fundraising team of the Via Foundation, before that she focused on PR projects both in the non-profit sector and in business. After studying political science and international relations, she has lived in India for several years.
Philanthropy is her passion and she likes to connect people from many worlds – from business, non-profits, donors, and those who need support., +420 774 583 585

Ondřej Lipár


Ondřej works with Via Clarita as a consultant. He has studied PR and Marketing Communication, followed by Media Studies at Charles University. In public relations, he has worked both for multinational companies, and for agencies, he also gained experience in publicity work for cultural organizations. He has been working as Managing Editor in several print lifestyle magazines. Ondřej is also active in the literary community having published two books of poetry and chairing the Czech Writers’ Association., +420 604 666 928


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Jiří Bárta is one of the founders of the Via Foundation, which in the Czech Republic has been “opening the way to the art of living together and the art of giving” since 1997. He studied systems engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering (ČVUT) and also management of non-profit organizations at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. And it was his stay in the United States that showed him how big an impact philanthropy can have. He devoted himself to the development of philanthropy during his many years at the Via Foundation and today he helps him as a member of the board of the Via Clarita Endowment Fund.

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A former internet entrepreneur who sold his successful company in 2012 in order to engage in new activities that would make more sense to him. He dealt with, among other things, the economics of the gift, the management of the International Buddhist Community of Dzogchen, the development of philanthropy and the value education of children. Winner of the Via Bona award. His latest joy is the development of a small winery in South Moravia and everything related to it.

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Kateřina is Head of Department of Civil Law at the Faculty of Law of the Masaryk University in Brno, Czechia, the town which is also her home. All her professional life she has been longing to understand the way the world of foundations and trust laws, which is a matter of the heart. She is a member of the Board of the Via Clarita Foundation, the mission of which is to support philanthropy as a part of human nature and provide independent philanthropic advisory.

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In his professional career, he has focused on setting up meaningful financial management and management of companies in general – those which are based on the principles of democratic companies, self-management and corporate social responsibility. He supports philanthropy both in the Via Clarita Endowment Fund and in his free time.